1. I decided to step up my game and get coloured dry erase markers.

  2. Happy Canada Day.

  3. After we saw X-Men: Days of Tripping Retcon, Henry’s outfit demanded an update. With chest hair. Hugh Jackman’s performance had great assets but lacked chest hair.

  4. Henry has still had outfits, they just haven’t been posted. This was his spring look.

  5. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  6. Sure, the guy in the $600 banana suit.

  7. Henry Rollins, Montreal homestyle chef.

  8. This look wasn’t complete without an apron, so Henry’s celebrating Halloween with saucy mixed-media dress-up.

    My house is dirty; I’d pay whatever fee was required for this to show up at the door to clean it.

  9. This isn’t ‘Nam, Smokey, this is bowling. There are rules.

  10. Henry + Glenn = 4eva

  11. The fox says, “Why the fuck was I wearing a gas mask for an entire month and why am I dressed like this now? Is this some furry shit? I’ve heard of that. I mean, do what you want and don’t be an asshole about it, but that stuff is objectively weird.”

  12. Pursuant to my rendering of Commander Shepard!Henry the other week, I sat down with Mass Effect 2 and Google Image Search and made a Shepard as close to Henry as I could manage. Given that it’s impossible to get the face maker to generate anything close to a real human, I settled for this. He actually looks not bad in gameplay, although Bioware clearly needs to patch in bushier eyebrow options and silver hair.

    Now I’m angrily shooting things and using Slam with extreme prejudice. If you want to have this much fun/emotional catharsis, that second pic has his face code! Enjoy.

  13. We are having adventures with mold/HVAC people and our basement recently. I decided to make sure Henry was prepared.

  14. Roommate replaced Commander Shepard with her own contribution, possibly done in the morning while getting ready for work. We’ll call it a Care Bear. Henry has a hell of a Care Bear Stare.

  15. If anybody has the face code for Henry Rollins, I swear to god I will play dudeshep for the first time ever.